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All prices are for labor only unless otherwise specified and does not cover the cost of strings and parts.

Jerry and Rob, fret, setup, repair.



6 String Guitar-$60.00

7 String Guitar-$70.00

12 String Guitar-$80.00

Floating Tremelo/Floyd Rose add $20.00


Most setups follow the same guidelines. Please note some instruments may require special attention and are addressed individually for optimal setup. The following is the basic steps required for a proper setup:

  • Neck relief- measure and adjust truss rod for optimal neck relief for your instruments’ current condition.
  • Nut adjustment- measure and correct nut slot depth and angle. Lowering slots are included in the setup price; however, raising/filling nut slots are an additional cost.
  • String height- measure and adjust string height. Height is set based on customer preference or lowest possible without fret-buzz. Acoustics are adjusted by saddle overall height and electrics are adjusted using individual saddles in most cases.
  • Fret evaluation- frets are cleaned and lightly polished with setups. Frets are checked for uneven/high spots and advice provided to customer. Low/worn spots on frets or high frets can cause intonation problems. Full re-crown and polish is available upon request at additional cost.
  • Intonation- evaluate and adjust intonation. Advise customer if any conditions exist that will continue to impact intonation.
  • Clean and polish- basic cleaning and various polish may be used. This includes hydrating/oiling the fretboard. Due to the varying material and conditions of instruments cleaning and polishing is performed at a reasonable level based on each case. Extremely dirty instruments may incur additional charges.
  • Restring- strings are not included in the price of a setup. We encourage customers to provide strings of their choice at time of drop-off. We stock D’Addario electric and acoustic strings. Custom order of strings is available at additional cost.
  • Electronics- evaluate and clean electronic components where applicable. Scratchy pots or oxidized input jacks are sprayed with contact cleaner to help eliminate issues. Loose components are tightened as needed. Pickup height is adjusted to recommended setting or customer preference.
  • Final Check- instrument is played and suggestions for improvement are noted for customer.



Re-string & Tune


6 String Guitar-$25.00

7 String Guitar-$30.00

12 String Guitar-$35.00


Measure neck relief. Remove old strings and clean instrument. Tighten loose hardware. Re-string instrument and tune to desired pitch. Does not include the price of strings.


Nuts & Saddles

Standard Bone Nut-$75.00 / with Setup $60.00

Standard Bone Saddle–$75.00 / with Setup $60.00

Custom Bone Nut-$85.00 and up

Custom Bone Saddle-$85.00 and up

12 String Nut-$100.00 / with Setup $85.00

Difficult nut removal-$20.00

Bone Blank Nut or Saddle-$10.00

Synthetic Nut or Saddle-request estimate

Nut Adjustments and Repairs-$10.00 and up

LSR Roller Nut Installation-$150.00 and up


Our nuts and saddles are meticulously hand crafted using only the highest quality bone and synthetic materials available. Whereas we suggest bone for most applications there are some cases where synthetic may produce a more desired sound. Each instrument receives a custom cut nut or saddle to optimize fit and performance. Price is for labor only and does not cover the cost of the blank. Please note that we do not require a setup for nuts and saddles, however; we strongly recommend it!




Full Level, Crown, and Polish-$100.00 / with Setup $85.00

Spot Level, Crown, and Polish-$15.00 and up

File Fret Ends-$25.00 and up

Loose Fret Ends-$20.00 and up

Miscellaneous Fret Repairs-$20.00 and up

Full Re-Fret Unbound Neck-$300.00 and up / includes Setup

Full Re-Fret Bound Neck-$350.00 and up / includes Setup

Stainless Steel Frets-$100.00 additional

Partial Re-Fret-request estimate

Maple and Finished Fretboards-$50.00 additional


Nothing feels better than perfectly crowned and polished frets!! Whether it’s a level and re-crown or a full re-fret you will notice improvements in sound, feel, and playability. Level, crown, and polish is a great way to get your instrument playing better than new. Setup is not included but is recommend. Full re-frets include planning of neck to proper radius, cleaning fret slots, level frets, crown frets, polish frets, and setup instrument. Stainless steel, gold, or custom frets are available at additional costs.


Acoustic Bridges

Remove and Re-glue Standard 6 String Bridge-$150.00 and up

Remove and Re-glue Custom Bridge-$175.00 and up

New Acoustic Bridge-$250.00 and up

Fill and Re-rout Saddle Slot-$80.00 and up

Bridge Repairs-$20.00 and up


New acoustic bridges are made from ebony or rosewood in most cases. Each bridge is hand made to fit the instrument and placed in optimal position for intonation. Special order or custom woods are available at additional cost. A full setup is included with new bridge installation.




Neck Resets & Major Repairs

Traditional Dovetail-$550.00 and up / includes Setup

Custom -request estimate

Binding-$50.00 additional

Major Repairs-request estimate


Most neck resets and repairs require estimates. Neck resets include a full setup. A fret dress and polish or full re-fret is recommended with major repairs or neck resets. Each case is unique and may require additional services.



Diagnosis Fee-$25.00

Replace Pots-$35.00

Replace Switch-$25.00 and up

Replace Jack-$25.00 and up

Replace Pickups-$35.00 single / $25.00 per for multiple

Hollow Body or Semi-hollow-request estimate

Clean Electronics-$25.00

Custom Installation and Routing-request estimate

Amplifier Biasing-$50.00 and up

Effect Pedal Repair-$35.00 and up

Custom Wiring-request estimate


Do you have pesky electronic issues on your favorite axe? If so, we can fix them! We offer full service electronic diagnostic, repair, and customization. Due to the varying nature of electronics estimates are recommended.

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